Lezecká stena stavba projekcia

Climbing walls are a special type of recreational sports facility. It can be said that they have a fairly short history.

The first artificial climbing walls began to rise in the 80s of the last century with a hand with the development and boom of free climbing.

Build them started by climbers (mountaineers) in order to ensure easier accessibility of sports climbing in cities, or the possibility to practice climbing even in winter (climbing walls placed inside)

Typology of climbing walls supplied by us:

By location: Indoor or outdoor climbing wall

According to the protection method:

  • Low climbing wall (for bouldering), with no bolts fitted with impact pad to capture the fall
  • High climbing wall fitted with progress and top bolts (safety points) designed for climbing with a rope

According to the construction of the supporting structure:

  • Stand alone (self-supporting)
  • Anchored to another building

According to the material of the supporting structure:

  • wood
  • steel
  • combined


According to the surface of the climbing wall:

  • Wood – plywood with surface coating
  • Wood – plywood with solid coating
  • Laminated wood
  • Laminate